Get Thorough Tenant Screening Services in Chino, CA, and the Surrounding Area

Most property owners set the goal to keep their tenants for the longest time possible. While some tenants decide to move out for reasons beyond their control, like family issues or a change of job, there are ways to ensure they will enjoy their time living in your rental home in Chino, CA, or the surrounding area. We follow a strict selection process where we can foresee how the prospective tenants will behave.

We Narrow the Pool of Candidates

Get Help Choosing the Ideal Tenant

It is hard to predict the future; however, we pay attention to the small details of someone’s life and personality. You’ll help us create a list of requirements all applicants must have, and then we’ll do a tenant screening to learn if they are a good fit.

Our Property Managers Align With Your Objectives

We Help Property Owners and Tenants Alike!

If you have a rental property in Chino, CA, or the surrounding area, you should consider getting our tenant screening services. We’ll be in charge of checking everyone’s background and making sure whoever we choose meets your requirements. At ACPM Real Estate Services, we make the application process easy and fast! If you want to rent a home, we can also help you find the perfect one.

Our Full Range of Services

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Keep your property in good condition and make renting easy.

Property Management
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Receive the money you request on your account.

Rent Collection
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Select tenants that meet your requirements.

Tenant Selection
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Work with reputable lawyers to evict tenants without risks.

Eviction Services
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Provide emergency and regular maintenance to your property.

Property Maintenance
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Keep track of your revenue and expenses to set new goals.

Bookkeeping Services

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