Don’t Worry About Rent Collection in Chino, CA, or the Surrounding Area

We know that you are waiting for that extra income every month, and we ensure that you get in right on time. Our rent recollection service is available for all property owners in Chino, CA, and the surrounding area. If you need assistance from our rental property managers, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Work With a Rent Collection Agency

Receive the Money in Your Account

We are a responsible rental collection agency that guarantees you’ll receive your money on time. At ACPM Real Estate Services, we pay close attention to due dates and visit tenants when necessary. We have a special portal where we can receive payments to make the process faster and more effective. After collecting all the money, we’ll send it to your account!

Forget About the Hassle of Owning Several Properties

We Keep Track of Everything and Everyone

Our rent collection service will help you keep your mind off things. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing extra income in your bank account; we’ll ensure it gets to you on time. If you have several properties, you’d know how difficult it is to keep track of every tenant and how much they owe. Fortunately, by working with our team at ACPM Real Estate Services, your properties in Chino, CA, and the surrounding areas will be under the best care.

Our Full Range of Services

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Keep your property in good condition and make renting easy.

Property Management
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Receive the money you request on your account.

Rent Collection
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Select tenants that meet your requirements.

Tenant Selection
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Work with reputable lawyers to evict tenants without risks.

Eviction Services
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Provide emergency and regular maintenance to your property.

Property Maintenance
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Keep track of your revenue and expenses to set new goals.

Bookkeeping Services

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